Munchkin Registry of America
Dwarf Cat Registry
About MRA
We currently register the following
dwarf breeds:
Bambino                              Minskin
Dwelf                                    Minuet
Kinkalow                             Napoleon
Lambkin                               Scottish Kilt
Munchkin                           Skookum

If you have a dwarf breed cat that is
not listed here, please contact us
and we will research the breed and
add it if it meets our requirements.
Munchkin Registry of America
is not your typical cat registry. 
We only register dwarf cats
and kittens.
 We love all dwarf breeds of
 cats and believe that they
 should have an equal
 opportunity to be "official"
 just like the more traditional
 breeds are. 
​The reason behind this is simple. Most of the cat registries out there do NOT recognize the dwarf breeds. Now, dwarf cat owners and breeders have somewhere to register their precious fur-babies.
At this time, we are not involved with the showing of dwarf cats, but that may change in the future.